Huddle Up - 4 Reasons Social Media is Holding Your Team Back

If you are using social media, like Facebook Group Pages or Instagram Accounts, to manage and communicate with your network marketing team, then the odds are that it is already holding back your team’s potential and your business’ growth, and you may not even know it.   

Whether you’re leading a team of five500or 5000, one of the most important things you can do as a leader is help your team focus on the right things that will grow their business.  This is done through communicating, collaborating and driving an empowering team culture.  However, social media wasn’t built to run businesses and manage teams.  Sure, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for engaging with and marketing to your network about your company and products, but chances are it’s hurting your business when it comes to leading your team. 

Here’s 4 big reasons why using social media to communicate with your team is holding back your team’s potential and the growth of your business: 

1.     Social Media is distracting.  How many times in the past week or even in the last day, did you pick up your phone to do something for your business on a team page and you got sidetracked by your newsfeed or endless notifications in social media?  Thirty minutes goes by and you have no idea what you were originally trying to accomplish.  That’s 30 minutes you could have spent doing something productive for your business gone.  If this is happening to you, you know it’s happening to your team too.  Since your team communication tool (your team page) is within a broader social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, you can’t prioritize your business for you and your team, and you and your team are wasting time that could be spent working your business.  You need to eliminate the distractions and focus your team by using a tool, outside of current social media platforms, dedicated just to your business to help you lead your team. 

    2.     Algorithms are not your friend.  Picture this, you spend 20 minutes creating a great post for your team with important information about the business, or you spend hours creating a great training for your team on how they can grow their business.  Then you post it or share the training and what happens? Hardly anyone on your team sees it.  Then you tag them and they still don’t see it.  Then you text them to remind to see itWhy aren’t they seeing it?  Two reasons: Distractions (as noted above) and algorithms.  Both of which you have no control over.  If you’re spending your time creating great content (posts, trainings and resources), you want to ensure your team actually sees the information so it helps them grow their business.   You need to be able to control the platform your team uses to ensure your team is getting the information they need to grow their (and your) businesses. 

      3.     Social Media doesn’t provide enough organization.  How many times do you think, “Where did I see that?” when you’re looking for a post about your business?  Or get a message from a team member saying, “I can’t find…” and then you have comment or tag them in the post what they’re looking for?  Probably, a ton.  Why?  Because you can’t organize the critical information for your team in a way that’s easy for them to find.  Important posts, trainings, incentives and even recognition gets buried on the team pages and if it’s not seen, it’s not helping your business grow.  Information is power, especially when your team needs that information to grow.  Look for a platform to help you organize your communications and content, that is not only easy to access, but also easy to use.   

        4.     Today’s social media influencers don’t promote a culture of success. For example: Positivity, Clear vision, Staying focused, Team Recognition.  These are important elements of creating a team culture of success.  Even if you are leading your team with a focus on these elements, you don’t control the platform that your team lives on.  You can’t guarantee a positive environment (who knows what’s in their newsfeed).  You can’t create a clear vision and focus your team when your team is completely distracted by what’s going on in social. You can’t truly show your appreciation when they don’t even see it.  If you can’t control how you lead your team, you’ll never be able to build the culture you want.  Using a platform outside of social media will give you the control you need as a leader to build a culture of success for your team. 

        Social Media Exit Strategy

        Download this guide and follow the steps within to transition your team off of social media and onto a platform that supports your business.